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Fluorescein sodium

Fluorescein sodium

fluorescein sodium

  • Product No.: 518-47-8
  • Color index No.: Acid yellow 73


Product: Acid yellow 73, Uranine, uraninite, fluorescein sodium
Cas no. 518-47-8
Real fluorescein sodium we sell well in UK, Spain etc...not as mixture.
Appearance: brown powder or crystal
Strength: 100%
Finess(60mesh): 98% min
Moisture: 8.0% max
Heat resistance: 210C max
Packing: 25kgs carton box with pallet
Technical application, dissolution in water
Jadechem acid dyes has high performance well used for silk, wool, leather, nylon, ink etc...
Free samples is available by FEDEX/DHL/UPS


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